WebEx & Spark Cloud Connected Audio


WebEx Cloud Connected Audio powered by Clarity carries your on-net and off-net audio traffic through our systems to the collaboration cloud. You receive a conferencing solution with integrated VoIP capability and a rich feature set.  Hybrid audio is only available when you order through Clarity, so be sure to benefit fully from the advantages we bring you.

Deliver seamless integrated audio, web and video conferencing

Whether currently using WebEx or in transition, Cisco WebEx Cloud Connected Audio powered by Clarity offers you the efficiencies and savings of working with a single vendor for your conferencing solution.

With a complete range of calling options integrating VoIP, Cisco WebEx Cloud Connected Audio is an investment in your future multimedia conferencing. Reduce your cost of system administration and management. Enjoy predictable monthly budgets. And take immediate advantage of the latest conferencing technology delivered by our team of WebEx experts.

Connectivity can be delivered in a variety of methods including through a cross-connects or through direct IP connectivity via Clarity's IP Communications

Explore the benefits of the Clarity network.

Multiple Tier 1 carriers ensures wide geographic coverage

  • Complete choice of network interfaces to suit your business needs
  • Resiliency unmatched by single-carrier networks

Empowered by SIP signaling

Cloud Connected Audio uses SIP signaling between Clarity's IP network and WebEx’s audio bridge…

Front-ended by a Session Border Controller (SBC)

Interconnected by dedicated IP connections

Linking Clarity's and Cisco’s data centers

WebEx experts delivering the latest conferencing tech.

  • Call-in
  • Call-back
  • Hybrid audio – i.e., phone & VoIP connections in the same meeting
  • Applications for the office
  • Audio Conferencing

From talking everyday business to addressing large groups, Clarity audio conferencing services deliver your message clearly & crisply through your channel of choice.

Web Conferencing

In the office or on the move, Clarity web conferencing services let you tell your story online with a clear voice in vivid imagery.


Spark creates a place for teams to work together, where their work can live, and a way to stay connected to it all.

Spark Features

  • Securely send unlimited messages and share files
  • See files instantly without a download to get to the important information fast
  • Work confidently with end-to-end content encryption so that only the intended recipients can read shared messages and files
  • Start face-to-face meetings with screen sharing to accelerate decision making
  • Review a history of messages and files so that everyone can always be up-to-date regardless of time zone or location
  • Participate from a mobile device, computer, or even a browser for anywhere, anytime collaboration

The Two Levels of Spark Meetings and How They Differ

Spark meetings are flexible enough to meet nearly all your needs. Meetings can range from a simple one-to-one to a 25-participant meeting and everything in between.

The Power of the Spark Platform Enables Continuous Teamwork

The Spark Board is revolutionary in its capability, usability, and design, but the ability to connect teams beyond the physical meeting room is thanks to the power of the Spark platform. The consistency, simplicity, and reliability of experience across the Spark Board and other Spark app-enabled devices is made possible by the Spark platform.

Spark Flex price plans offer the flexibility to move from premises-based solutions to the cloud, without the hassle of purchasing several license versions.

Take advantage of easy purchasing options with either employee count or shared meeting plans.

  • Simplify purchasing with meetings, messaging and calling capabilities in one offer.
  • Migrate to the cloud for more efficiency and enhanced features.
  • Consolidate vendors to reduce billing and support hassles.

Applications for the office.

Collaboration Tools

From talking everyday business to addressing large groups, Clarity audio conferencing services deliver your message clearly & crisply through your channel of choice.

Whether you use it for web meetings with your clients or with people within your organization, WebEx offers a full suite of collaborative applications which will respond to your needs and help improve the efficiency of your organization.