Adobe® Connect™ : meetings, eLearning, webinars, and web conferencing from virtually any device.

Adobe Connect is being used by large enterprises to reach out the their customers, to their partners and to their employees - all distributed around the world.
Adobe Connect Enterprise - Seamless Communications Integration

Enhance your audio conferences with high quality animation, graphics and video played at full resolution

Our partnership with Adobe® Connect™ empowers users of to enrich the collaborative experiences of participants. Meeting moderators enjoy the ease, convenience and control of our clear, crisp and reliable audio service, while participants experience content at full resolution that enriches each interaction – animation, graphics and video.

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings improves collaboration inside and outside of your organization’s firewalls -- from simple screen-sharing sessions to mission-critical virtual conferences.

Adobe Connect for Webinars enables organizers of online events to increase attendance, boost response rates and foster greater engagement.

Adobe Connect for eLearning provides presenters at any experience level – novice to expert – with tools for creating and delivering compelling on-demand courses, highly interactive virtual classes and efficient training programs.

Discover the power of digital meetings

Adobe® Connect™ for Web Meetings users enjoy…

  • Easy access to rich, dynamic online meetings
  • Complete mobile-to-mobile collaboration
  • Personalized digital offices in the cloud

Leverage an all-in-one solution for digital events

Adobe® Connect™ for Webinars users can…

  • Drive registrations with powerful event management tools
  • Maximize reach by enabling connection from any device
  • Increase the return on event investments with Adobe SiteCatalyst

Deploy digital learning to virtually any device

Adobe® Connect™ for eLearning users encourage…

  • High attendance rates for education & training
  • Effective mobile learning
  • Efficient management & tracking


Meet anyone instantly to share presentations, applications and multimedia content. Acrobat automatically saves the configuration and content of your meeting making them available for future use, dramatically reducing the preparation time for recurring seminars, sales demonstrations or online courses. Meetings can also be recorded for future reference. Use the multipoint video conferencing option by integrating a webcam. Whether for a small conferences with a few colleagues or larger events, Flash® based technology can accommodate your needs.